Wake Up Call

January 10, 2013
By Anonymous

Up to my freshman year in highschool i had no care for school. I would not do much of my homework, and i also recieved no punishment for it. I assumed that it was 'A' okay to not do it! The start of my freshman year i did the same thing, barely did any homework but then ame Christmas break. My brother, the overachiever, came home from Stanford. He was strong, smart, and a great person. He was all i ever dreamed of being. That started me thinking of picking myself up and getting into a four year unviersity; UCSD, USC, UCLA, etc.. But it wasn't until one night my dad came home from a long day of construction, and looked me in the eye. What he said will stick with me throughou all of my life, "Don't end up like this." I knew i now had the motivation i needed and since the first week back my grades have improved. A well neded wake up call.

The author's comments:
I just had to get this piece out because it was sticking to my mind like glue. Please enjoy!

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