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After the music stops, and the piano collects dust, only few will hear that glorious sound. Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, and Chopin continually ring through my ears. And once heard, the sound becomes unforgettable–just like him.

The things he did always came off a little strange–constantly inventing thing, improving lasers, and editing picture. But, despite his odd habits, he was a kid-genius, especially when it came to music. Music was his life and his everything. And that keyboard in his room? It got used at least an hour every day.

Yet, his life was cut short when hit by a car, laser batteries in hand.

Practice, practice, and more practice–always striving to attain the best. His attitude was to work hard, knowing there'd be payoff in the end, knowing he could stand out in this world. He knew he could be someone. Someone well-known.

Yet, he was unknown to the surrounding witnesses at the scene.

Just as it was in his life, music is a priority to me. Although I've had constant pressure to press on with my skills, and continue with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony, there have been countless times I've wanted to quit. But then I recall my cousin's dedication, and continue forward. I need to do this for him–to help others know me, and Georgie.

He has been absent from Earth for a little over a year now.

Yet, his piano still rings.

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