With Pain Comes Strength

November 30, 2012
My best friend is hurting herself again. How long is this going to happen? I should tell someone. I don’t want her to be mad at me…but I can’t live without her. She’s my best friend. This shouldn’t be normal for us.

I’ve lost 4 boys to deaths, been bullied, and suffered depression within myself and my best friend. Having gone through so much, I lost myself. I was left with nothing. I felt empty, numb, and lost I didn’t care.
I wanted all the pain to go away. I wanted to stop hurting. And I wanted to take away all of my friends’ and my family’s pain. Sometimes things bring on the empty feelings, other times I don’t know what sparks it.

I seek out help in others, through therapy, and even medicine. I want to go into psychology for this very reason. I want to help and I want to remove suffering.

I helped my best friend for three years get through heart- wrenching depression and if I wasn’t there, she wouldn’t have made it. We grew the greatest respect and understanding of each other.
When someone confides in me, and trusts me with their most personal moments and feelings, the warmest feeling comes over me and I’m complete. That’s my purpose. It’s natural to me. I truly do live for others.

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