Discovery of My Past

November 30, 2012
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Heavy breathing. Locked eyes. Pounding footsteps. I watched the fastest runner in all of Arrowhead High School's history. He broke the record...Then again. This was the vivid day when my mindset of the entire world transformed.

Work ethic was in my blood since a young age, based upon religious values and family tradition. I understood work ethic; yet never contemplated the full picture. Passion—the fuel of my Irish ancestors who took voyage to the shores of America. The mighty land of golden roads and unlimited jobs they thought...they were wrong. Struggle, corruption, and survival were more accurate. More than just work ethic was the key to constructing a new life in a foreign land. Passion—my ancestors lived this first hand.

Chaos. Riots. Freedom. My father grew up during Vietnam, the Civil Right's Movement, and the counter-culture. One bathroom, two bedrooms, and a pull out couch for his parents, accommodated a family of ten. He became a man at a young age, taking care of his family and making his own decisions—a necessity during times of disarray. While the world spun, he remained focused, working multiple jobs and becoming independent as he moved to California to fulfill his dreams. Belief in an idea drove my father home to write the next chapter of his life. A business unimagined at the time was the opportunity my father had seen. Nine years without a single day off, he worked to create a successful international company, while creating a marvelous family. Passion—my father lived this first hand.

War. Riots. Devastating storms. This is my chapter in my family's history. Four years ago, witnessing the fastest runner in school history brought reasoning to my eyes. What drives an individual to succeed is found in the heart then carried out through actions. Planning, training, and executing goals, have been my life throughout high school as I have become a State and Regionally ranked runner. Experiences in life bring out the best in people. My passion is bettering myself while helping others along the way. Eventually, I too will exit this world, and hope my future family continues with the same traditions, taking their lives to new heights. Passion—I am living this first hand.

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