Dr. Chuck

November 30, 2012
By Anonymous

The day started out like the rest in Ecuador. We woke up early, ate a rushed breakfast, packed medicine and raced to the buses before they left. Because of the steep mountainous terrain, it felt like we were riding through the rain forest in Jeeps.

When we were near the clinic, kids lined up along the road flashing their brightest smiles, waiting to see the “gringos.” By the time we arrived, hundreds of locals dressed in their best clothes were waiting. Our tasks consisted of handing out medications, taking vitals, shadowing doctors, and giving fluoride treatments to the kids.

My favorite day was when I shadowed Dr. Chuck. He was the founder of Timmy Health Group. The first patient of the day complained of pain in his hands and knees. Dr. Chuck pointed out signs of arthritis on the patient’s hands. The next patient was a young girl. She had a lump the size of a tennis ball on her arm. After minutes of analyzing, Dr. Chuck determined it was an aggressive tumor. If the teenager had not gone to the clinic, she would have died.

Dr. Chuck inspired me to become a nurse, in order to help people like the young girl with the tumor. Working in Ecuador impacted me, because of the demand of nurses throughout the world. I want to become a pediatric nurse and work in Children’s Hospital. And I know that Loyola will give me this opportunity.

Loyola has one of the best nursing programs throughout the state of Illinois. I know that if I attended Loyola , I would be successful throughout my life. Giving back to others is tremendously important. I have 315 hours of service work, and Loyola will provide me with additional opportunities to help others. At college, I plan to start a Timmy Global Health Group chapter in the Amazon location. Eventually, I want local high schools to get involved. This organization can become known throughout the state.

After seeing Dr. Chuck and the team of medical professionals help the girl with the tumor, I became inspired. At Loyola my dreams are possible. Loyola University will allow me to help other children like the girl with the tumor. I will accomplish that as a pediatric nurse. Maybe someday I will be like Dr. Chuck, and I will inspire another adolescent to help.

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