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October 12, 2012
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Please tell us about the particular life experiences, talents, commitments and/or interests you will bring specifically to our campus that will enrich our community.
A tiny man, minuscule man, rugged and wrinkled, his face saw many years pass by. The lines on his face recreate a map—a map of past struggles, adventures and discoveries. His jaw appears to have a fuzzy squirrel on it….but that’s just his tangled, grey-ish white beard. He sports a filthy deep maroon knit cap, which covers his balding skull.
Under his bushy snow white eyebrows are his dull, steel colored eyes. His appearance is decayed, yet his eyes show the strength of a powerful man, ready and willing to take on any challenge.
He’s a lonely man, with nobody to love. Yet, he finds a strange attraction to the mountains. He’s in love with the mystery of them.
One day the mountains started to appear. Little pink flakes—plummeted from the sky. They built up slowly, but at a steady pace. They covered the flat white landscape.
The ground starts to shake and the man’s eyes get wide. His heart starts to beat faster, and the excitement rushes to him. He knows what’s going to happen…but the end result is different each time.
“Here it comes.”
An enormous yellow pole sweeps by the ground, leaving behind a dark burn mark. The yellow object continues to mark up the landscape, creating lines going in every direction.
Occasionally it stops and the pink flakes start to fall faster.
Eventually it ends. The white landscape has been transformed into a maze of lines and shades. Scattered to the side are the pink hills and mountains.
The man readies himself. He slides on his climbing gear and pulls down his cap tight around his head.
He starts to walk, with a little hop in his step. “This is going to be good.”
He makes his way over to the largest mountain and begins to climb. By the time he makes it to the top he is winded, but he looks out and he is immediately revived. The view is phenomenal.
A figure covers the earth. It stands out and grabs the man’s attention. His eyes are fixed on the figure, examining every detail. He spends the rest of the day a top the mountain, just relaxing and enjoying the view.
“I don’t understand it…but I love it.”
He takes a deep breath, filling his chest with air. His steel colored eyes take a long last look at the masterpiece below. He exhales slowly and blinks, trying to take a mental snap shot.
The man rolls out of bed. He rushes outside, but the landscape is white again...This is no surprise for the man, because it always happens this way.
He is disappointed, but he knows, someday he will climb those pink peaks and see yet another masterpiece.

In a lot of ways I am like the old man. I appreciate art—even though I don’t always understand it. I believe everyone in society is influenced by art. It provokes thoughts and feelings. It also inspires creativity. Creative ideas can help shape and influence a community to do great new things. I want to use my ideas and creativity to influence and enrich your community.

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