Honesty, the Key Virtue

October 3, 2012
By RenaeSadie96 DIAMOND, Haverhill, Massachusetts
RenaeSadie96 DIAMOND, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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Honesty, the Key Virtue

“It’s a special thing,
Like the flutter love brings,
And the tune
We allow our trust to sing.
Without it, we fall apart.
Without it, there’s no purpose
To our start.
It’s what enhances the bond
Within humanity.
What could this special thing be?”

To merely say you love someone and trust someone means nothing. To have found what makes that love and trust last, however, means everything. People cannot simply say they love someone; they must show it. Also, trust is not a bridge that is constructed overnight; it takes time. These two qualities in a relationship are earned, and involve great care and commitment. There’s a problem, though. It’s easy enough to love someone for a while, and to trust someone for a day; but, what makes it last? The practice of honesty makes it last. Honesty is one of the key virtues a human can possess within a relationship. With honesty, people can better love and trust one another to their greatest potential.

When you aspire to love someone, honesty must be present in your relationship. Whether you are trying to love your parents, friends, significant other, or anyone else, you must be honest with them. By being honest in any kind of relationship, you show respect and the ultimate height of love. To love someone means that you have consciously made the decision to put their needs before your own and help them in any way possible in bettering their life. Honesty is necessary in a loving relationship because it creates unity and level ground where you both can meet. Could you truly love someone who you’ve never been honest with? Also, if you’re not honest with someone you love, can that person trust you, and can you trust that person?

When you trust someone, honesty is a critical characteristic you both must have. By being honest with one another, you are creating trust. It is very easy to portray yourself as somebody very different than who you actually are. By trusting someone, you have chosen to take off the mask and to let that person into your world, however secretive you may be. Therefore, if you trust someone, you will be honest with that person. Being honest is so important when you trust someone, because it molds your relationship into the strongest relationship one can have--a relationship with trust. Just as easily as honesty creates trust, dishonesty destroys relationships.

The most shattering realization is when you realize that someone you love and trust has been dishonest with you. It really makes you wonder why, if the person really loved you, he or she would hurt you by being dishonest. Also, if you have trusted someone, and then he or she returns your trust by later being dishonest with you, don’t you start to second guess the whole relationship? Dishonesty really hurts the love two people have created. Why hurt someone you love? If you love someone, you trust that person. To break that trust by being dishonest must be the lowest form of conduct one could put upon another. Dishonesty is completely unnecessary. Always be honest, and it will result into lasting, promising characteristics of love and trust in your relationships.

Although other virtues in relationships are extremely valuable, the quality of honesty is one of the most fundamental assets one can possess. With honesty comes understanding, insight, sensitivity and meaning. In order to create a relationship where there is genuine love and trust, there must be honesty, or else the relationship will not last. If you truly care about someone, being honest with that person should not be hard. Honesty is what enhances the bond within humanity. Always be honest, don’t break the bond you have created, and your relationships will be valuable and last forever.

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