October 2, 2012
By Alex_Zander BRONZE, Purchase, New York
Alex_Zander BRONZE, Purchase, New York
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For the past seventeen years of my life I have been trying, with no avail to figure out who I am. Ever since I was little there were always constant reminders of how I simply do not fit in. Upon inquiring the thought that I simply do not “belong”, I began to mentally list what I do know about myself. I know that I am analytical, unusually outgoing, and lack the sense of fear that most feel when approaching or being approached by new people. These qualities that have dictated my life culminated in one experience that I will never forget.

As I walked through Washington Square Park, I found myself taken back by what I found in front of me. Two men, one in nothing but a green speedo and sesame street bib and another clad in red parachute pants, covered in mustard had drawn an unusually large crowd around them. Being the inquisitive and curious person that I am I had no choice but to sit in and try to make sense of the madness. As the men went on and on, making outrageously random yet hilarious claims such as “Lindsay Lohan brought science and spirituality into the world as she declared that N’SYNC isn’t popular anymore” I became more and more interested in what these two men were actually doing. Some people were turned off by their brashness and walked away only to trigger more outrageous songs and dances. Out of the one hundred or so people watching, for some reason the men became particularly drawn to me.

Though I hadn’t said a word, they both began preaching about how I have “Good qualities” and had no trouble making up even more songs and dances about it. The show began to get slow as the men began running out of things to say, recognizing this I jumped up out of my seat and began acting out the endless random drama/ musical that the men were creating before everyone’s eyes. For about ten minutes, the three of us sung, danced and acted making up everything as we went.

My experience with the two brash men helped me come to the realization that I do not need to “fit in” to any one category. My ability to connect and show a genuine interest in what anyone is doing allows me to fit into a category of my own. This value instilled in me has shaped me into the man I am today and with open eyes and an open heart I believe that I can take on the world

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