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August 17, 2012
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When I think of The University of Texas at San Antonio, I think of a school that is the best of its kind. Being of Hispanic heritage, and growing up in a very conservative town, I've always had a rough time everywhere I went. I was bullied in school. (Racial slurs.) People thought I was dumb. No one but my family believes in me. Well Truth to the matter is I am not dumb, and I can do this.

I was born in San Antonio Texas. I was adopted at the age of six after being in the shelter because my biological father abused me. I learned that no one in my biological family ever graduated from high school let alone pass the 10th grade. I am motivated to do what no one in my biological family did. Graduate from high school. I also have another dream, and that is to go to college so I can have a better life for myself. I'm currently in 12th grade and I'm not too far from achieving my first goal. Now for my next goal I want to attend a college, not just any college but one that is the best of its kind, and that's where UTSA comes in. being able to attend UTSA would be such an honor to me. I would like to be a successful person in life. I figured this would be the best choice for me. Another reason why, is UTSA is close to where my grandparents live, since I plan to live with them when I go to college.

When I was adopted at the age of six my brother was also adopted too. He was twelve. We had an amazing family and life thanks to my new parents. Sadly my brother dropped out his junior year. He got involved with the wrong people and started using drugs. My brother moved out as soon he turned 18. Six years later I am a senior now! I am not involved with drugs. I have many friends, my parents are proud. I saw how hard life is for my brother. He had many jobs, because he can’t hold one down he just recently got his GED. Seeing my brother go through all this just makes me even more motivated to achieve my goals.

My parents had always pushed me to be the best I can be, but sadly I’ve never really listened to them and now I regret it because I am struggling to raise my 2.4 gpa higher. I am going to do my best this senior year because I really want to prove every one wrong. No one thinks I can do it, but look at me now.
I may not have the best GPA in the world, but I know I can do better if given the chance to go to college. It’s been a tough ride but I believe I have what it takes to be a Road Runner. I would give 110 % in what I do. I don't have a plan B if I don't get accepted, but that's alright because a wise man once told me that you have a better chance at trying then not trying at all. There is always community college, but I don’t want that. I want UTSA. I will always be proud to have accomplished my first goal, but getting accepted here would be amazing.

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jamescameron said...
Sept. 13, 2012 at 6:09 am
Good post thanks
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