Cubs Vs. Sox

May 22, 2008
By Andrew Chapman, Lemont, IL

Cubs vs. Sox
There is a choice that many people in Chicago have had to make that decides who your friends are and who your enemies are. The choice is Cubs or Sox? To me the choice was easy The Sox are the better team and they are fun to watch. Others think the Cubs are the better team but I don’t see why. How can the Cubs be so great if they haven’t won the World Series in 100 years? How can you strive for greatness with your fans saying “We’ll win next year.”

When cub fans say the Cubs have more potential than the Sox I bring up that World Series we won. Some people bring up the curse of the goat but I say the Red Sox broke their curse and if the Cubs are so great why can’t they break theirs? Even though the white Sox season was less than perfect we didn’t go down without a fight and we’re going to come back strong. Maybe the Cubs would win if they stopped blaming one thing or another and started trying to improve and blamed themselves for how badly they play when your team is called the Chicago Orphans from 1898 – 1901 you can tell you have been abandoned by your fans.

When the white Sox won the World Series I felt that I had proven who the better team was, but the cub fans did what they do best and made up excuses, especially about the A.J Pierzynski play where the call was a third strike but he ran to first base and was called safe because of the drop third strike rule. For all I’m concerned that’s a reward of hard work and knowing how the game is played. Those are the reasons that the White Sox won in the first place. That’s how I feel, and I don’t care if you agree with me or not. Go Sox!

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