How Fads Influence The World

May 20, 2008
By Shay Howard, Sanford, FL

How Fads Influence The World

The fad of sagging pants came from prison when inmates thought that it would be easy access for homosexuals. But over the years this fad has spread throughout the world giving males a thuggish and rough look about them. I really don’t think people even know the effects this fad has on them. Most males wear there pants sagging because they feel that this is a hip-hop look that makes them look and feel cool. This world – wide trend is exposed all over the world. But in different parts of the world having your pants sagging is disrespectful and rude not only to themselves but also to the society. The major impact of this trend is that it has a high level of influence on children. Many reporters and motivational speakers speak about the crime and unwanted behavior of thugs who try to live a violent life due to style and culture. Having your pants sagging isn’t a fashionable look for men. Most men complain about how they are discriminated against but if they would dress professional and appropriate with the right attire they may be approved for there positions. As I stated before this is a world- wide issue but mainly in the black communities. Society has to come up with a plan to speak against such matters. It is upon us and the influencers to try to change this trend. Children look up to these rappers and other men who wears there pants low but it’s there influencing fad that may lead to bad results from other youth in the upcoming generations.

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