A Spiritual Story A Time When I Thought life Was too Short

May 20, 2008
By Janaria cowley, Chicago, IL

A time when I thought life was too short, was when my friend George got shot last year in January. He was a good person. He was a cool person. He was only nineteen years old and had two infant sons who he loved dearly. He was a gangbanger, which was the wrong way to go in life, but you know, he still had a good heart. All the kids including me on the block loved and looked up to him as a brother. He would never let us do something we weren’t supposed to do. He looked out for us and made sure nothing bad happened in his presence.

One night as I remember, he was meeting up with one of his crewmembers and had to go home to get some money. So the boys followed him to his house. When George got out his car and walked towards his front door somebody fired multiple shots at his back and head. Everybody was sad because that was wrong.

I really felt bad that day. I was shocked because I grew up under him. Questions ran through my mind. How could someone do this? How did this happen? What was the purpose of taking another persons life? Will I be safe in this world, or will I be next? How long will it be will I be till I am in pain and suffering again? Would it be my real family next? How could someone go to sleep at night knowing what he or she did? I was asking all these questions of m self be cause I needed answers and I wanted to know will I ever be safe anywhere in this world. I really felt connected be cause like I said he was like family. I lived in the same neighborhood.

So I have to be aware and I know that I’m involved in some way. I don’t like violence. Violence is never the answer. It never solves anything. It only creates more chaos and problems. I don’t want to be apart of violence. I want to be remembered for my intelligence, my ability to help others see a different solution, and myself confidence. I want to be remembered for my good behavior, my courage and boldness. In order for me to do that I have to finish school. To accomplish this I have to do well on assignments, getting a passing grade and graduate. I also have to pray to God thanking him for getting me this far, keeping me safe and blessing me with another day. I have to get in touch with my spiritual side and cleanse it. To tell myself everything is ok and remind myself to keep faith. As long as I have God by my side everything is ok. I will make it to as far as he will let me.

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