May 16, 2008
By Danielle Wolfe, Toronto, NE



When I was younger, I wasn’t aware of my body and would do careless things that would cause me to fracture or even get bad bruises. In my life time, I hurt my finger and arm, and this was extremely painful.
My family always had barbeques on hot summer nights. Family and friends would show up with different foods or deserts and my parents would prepare them. I would sometimes help (usually with the deserts). All BBQs started and ended exactly the same.

At first, all guests would arrive and would bring their foods into the kitchen. Then my dad and my dad’s friends would prepare and cook the food while my mom and her friends would set the table. They would always gossip about what they found out earlier in the day. While my parents and their friends were talking, my friends and I would be playing in the back yard or in the basement. In the backyard we would swing on the tire swing, go on the zip-line or even play tag. In the basement, we would play board games, Barbies, house, and watch T.V.
But at the age of six, going into first grade, this barbeque was different than all the rest. We played a bit and then ate dinner. When dinner was over, my friends and I would play in the backyard until desert was served. In my basement, we had a big, red, bouncy ball. My family friend Dan was really interested in it and brought it to my backyard.
While he was playing with it, he shouted, “Hey! Look at what I can do!”
I had a stool about two feet high in order to get onto my zip line. So he stepped onto the stool and put the big, red ball in front of it. He took a big jump on the bench and then onto the big ball and he landed on his feet. I was so jealous that he could do that! He looked like superman when he went into the air! Since I thought that was so cool, I decided to try to do it and see if I could land on my feet just like he did. I stepped onto the stool and did exactly what he did, except I didn’t land on my feet. I landed right on my arm! I was hysterically crying and couldn’t get up because it hurt so badly! Thank God there was a doctor there because if there wasn’t, I don’t know what I would have done. My parents and family friends ran down to the lower level of my backyard and helped me up. I remember looking at my arm and the bottom of it was facing up because my arm was twisted. I iced my arm for a while and then we realized it got worse.
My parents and family friend ended up taking me to the hospital. When I first got to the hospital, I got an x-ray. After the x-ray was taken, the person who took the picture of my arm felt my arm to see where it was broken and it really hurt. I was waiting in the waiting room for about an hour. After waiting for me to get my cast, I finally entered the room. It ended up that I had two fractures in my arm! Because it was so bad, I had to get anesthesia so they could put my arm back in place. I ended up having my cast for two long months.

Another painful experience in my life took place at a Passover dinner. My best friend and her family came over along with my parents’ friends. Dinner started, and came and went. While dinner was being cleaned up, and dessert was about to come out, my friend Tori, her sister, and other friends that were over were playing tag in my basement. My stairs are in the center of my basement so there’s a hallway and den going around it. To the left of the staircase is the little hallway and to the right is the den. My friends and I were running around the staircase and were having a blast… but not for long. I was running around the staircase, and my arm was horizontal, and I hit my knuckle right against the wall! At that moment, I was in excruciating pain. I ran upstairs crying and iced my arm in the same place where I was icing my arm when I broke it. I ended up going to the hospital and they said it was just a sprain. That following week, my finger was still badly bruised, so I ended up going to a hand doctor. I got x-rays and I had bruises in two of my fingers and fractured my knuckles. I had a splint on my two fingers for a whole week. Unfortunately, that week was the first week of seventh grade. I had someone to write for me since I couldn’t because the hand that hurt was the hand that I wrote with. Today, my fingers are distorted and have something known as swan neck deformity on my middle and ring finger. A swan neck deformity describes a finger with a hyper extended PIP joint and a flexed DIP joint.
Today, I am more aware of what I do with my body. This is because, bruises, fractures, and breaks are very painful and I don’t want to go through that again.

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