Polar Bears

May 16, 2008
By tanner nelson, Marietta, GA

Polar bears are so big that they can look elephants in the eye standing up. Being the largest bears on earth they can survive extremely cold weather and freezing cold water. They live in the countries/state of Alaska, Canada, Denmark, Norway, and the Arctic. Polar bears nicknames are the sea bears, since they are very good swimmers. Polar bears do many things that are cool and are very smart (Even the largest bears can be smart).

Male polar bears stand 10ft tall and weigh a colossal 1400 pounds. The females are 7ft tall and weigh around 650 pounds; even though the females are only half the size of the males they are still just as dangerous. Their age limit is about 25 years old which is pretty old for a polar bear, but not for us though. What they eat the most though is seals which is a lot for polar bears, which will enable them to go a few days without food. They have a couple of simple ways to hunt seals, which are waiting by breath holes for them to pop up, chasing them in the water, or stalking them while they rest on land. Polar bears are extremely large and must have large appetites if they can eat a full grown seal.

The cubs are an essential part of the polar bears future for repopulating, and they are like us human kids. The world depends upon us like polar bears depend on their cubs. The females are able to give birth around the age of 4 or 5 years old, which would be way to young for us. The females when they are pregnant with their cubs gain a couple hundred pounds, so they get pretty heavy. The females can have either 1 or 2 cubs, but it’s mostly 2 for all of the females, but on some very rare occasions they have 3 cubs. When the cubs are born they are about the size of a rat and weigh barely over a pound which is small for a 10ft tall giant. If they are fed well enough they can be the size of a full grown man around the age of 1, which is a lot of meat to eat. Cubs love wrestling with each other and their mom, so when ever they get the chance to wrestle they go at it. Even some of the older adults will wrestler every now and then with each other. So polar bears know how to have fun no matter how old they are.

Polar bears have one and only one predator which would be humans. We hunted them almost to the brink of extinction, we are constantly influencing global warming, and polluting the air so bad, if we could see it the earth would be all foggy. Hunting has been banned in several countries (thankfully) where the polar bears live. With this in affect they haven’t been affected as badly as before by it, when thousands were killed by us. Global warming right now is just completely messing up their environment because it is melting all the ice. With the ice caps melting some have to swim and that means some can’t stay afloat long enough and drown. Others are being driven into towns and get shot because they get to close to the homes. Pollution though is the major one because it is contaminating the ocean fish which the seals eat. When the polar bears eat the seals the poison in them causes them to get sick and die. All three of these are slowing down the polar bears from repopulating at a faster rate. You can help by carpooling and driving less often, so help save the majestic polar bear.

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