May 14, 2008
By Lara Harmason, Moreauville, LA

What is friendship exactly? Is it something cherishable or something that you take for granted? For me, frienships are sacred because friends are unforgetable. My friends mean the world to me, and they will never be replaced. It gets hard in life sometimes, and you need someone there who can console you and help you through hard times. It's not fun to be alone, that is why having friends is a great aspect. Personally, everything that I've been though negatively, my friends were always the ones who stood by and helped me in my time of need. Who else was there, noone. Yes, we all have family, but sometimes you might not feel as comfortable telling your family about problems. You may feel more comfortable with telling a friend. I feel as though your friends have a better understanding than family because most of the time, you are with them 24/7, so they know you better. But sometimes you have to know your friends a little bit more than you think you did, because they maybe turn on you. So be careful who you confide with. I know that all of my friends can be trusted because the problems that I have or had, they've been through the same thing or they are experiencing it right now. So I know for sure that they can be trusted. It's good to know that I have plenty of friends to trust.

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