May 2, 2008
By Marlee Beer, Chandler, AZ

There always seems to be those certain clothing items, hair styles, and even the traditional toys and games that never seem to go out of style. The question many ask however is why is it that those certain items seem to stay popular fads for continuous years, when other more recent items can’t even sell? The answer is quite simple, when people find something that they really love they are going to stick with it and make sure the item stays around. The buyers and the consumers are the ones who decide unknowingly what fads stay and which fads should just simply go.
Along with the category of fads that come and go, clothing styles is one of the biggest following of fads for people. Looking through magazines or clothing stores there is always that one piece of clothing that has been in there for year after year continually, maybe with a little bit of change with a sleeve or pocket, but the item is generally the same. Certain clothing items never go out of style because they are so universal for many people to wear year after year, every season, and tend to have much comfort. One clothing fad that is very broad, are jeans. Sure there are many of different styles, colors, and fittings of jeans, but the idea of wearing jeans has been around for more years than one can count. Jeans are a fad that is very universal for everyone to wear. Another example of a clothing fad that is a little less broad is scarves. Scarves have also been around for a very long time keeping people warm and in fashion, but even with a fad that has been around for so long it never seems to go out of style because of its liking and following of many people.
Every year there is millions of dollars being put in to making television, newspaper, and magazine advertisements for toys and games. However, only half of those toys and games really grab their audience’s attention enough to become a fad for a long time. The Barbie Doll is probably one fad of the dolls that will stay popular for many more years to come. The Barbie Doll has probably been such a successful fad because of its intriguing looks and appealing accessories and because of its role model affect on many young children. Another popular fad amongst toys is teddy bears. Teddy Bears have been the liking and comfort for many people for a very long time. The Teddy Bear is something that everyone has owned and always seems to put a smile on someone’s face, which could explain the reason why the Teddy Bear keeps restocking on shelves year after year.
When getting a hair cut it is very important to make sure that the cut is still in style with celebrities, magazine models, or even the peers at school. Hairstyles come and go and hardly even stay a fad for a long time, however there is one hairstyle fad that never seems to go out of style, the bang. Bangs have been worn by so many people over the years never seeming to go out of style. Bangs are an easy way for many types of people to wear their hair and for most looks very flattering. Even if one decides to grow out their bangs, they always seem to be drawn back to the bang. Whether it’s the front bang or side bang, they both stay a popular fad for hair styles.
With new inventions, discoveries being made, and changes in people’s lives, there are always those certain fads that still never go out of style. With the many clothing, toys and games, hair styles, and even music, the most popular items can always be counted on to stay around for a long while.

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