My Life Changed

April 28, 2008
My life Changed

My father is a lawyer, so he is always active. But everything changed two years ago.
My mother noticed some bruises in my father, she told him to go to the doctor but he didn't want to go.
After that he started to loose energy, he was always tired. My mom told him to go to the doctor again, this time he agreed.
They went to the doctor, and when they arrived home their faces were pale and yellow.
I asked my mom what the doctor said and she answered me, "Your father is sick, very sick. His kidney is no longer working."
I started crying, I felt bad, I didn't know what to do or what to say.
One month later my father was bad, so the doctors decided to operate him.
The doctor puts a line in his kidney to remove the bad stuff.
We were sad as family, I was confused; I thought my dad was going to died.
The doctor talked to us about a kidney transplant, my mom agrees and she signed up for the kidney.
We waited for the kidney to arrive for six months, the longest six months in my whole life.
After that period of time a doctor from Guadalajara calls us, he told us that the kidney of my father was ready, that we had four hours to arrive to the hospital in Guadalajara.
We lived eight hours from Guadalajara, so my mom said that they were going in airplane.
They arrived on time, but the doctor told them that the family of the person who was going to give him the kidney decided not to donate it.
My mom was mad and I was too.
But three hours later they called her again, this time was real.
My mom and my dad waited the whole night in the hospital for the doctor to call them for the surgery.
Finally the doctor called my dad. The surgery lasted five hours.
My dad was transplanted, everything ended there. I was happy, finally my dad was fine.
This changed my world, now I'm totally different. Now I respect more my father and my mother.
I try to do my best at school so my father can feel proud of me.
I appreciate more life and love everything I do.

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