Triangle of Love

April 28, 2008
By Jasmine Flores, Amarillo, TX

Triangle of love

There was a young girl named Esperanza and she really liked a boy named Roberto. He hung out with the jocks and she was pretty much hanging out with the smart people. So one day she tried hanging out with them but, she just doesn’t fit in.

She changed her look so she would fit in and she did. Roberto started to notice her and they would talk to each other more often. They would even eat lunch together more.

Then one day Esperanza introduced Roberto to her best friend, Jessica. Then he started to lose interest in Esperanza.

Now he would only hangout with Esperanza just to get closer to Jessica. Just so you would know Esperanza was kind of on the jealous side. When she saw Roberto hugging or even talking to Jessica she would get angry.

Jessica and Roberto became more than just friends, they were intimate. They would always be kissing and rubbing on each other. As you already know Esperanza is the jealous type, but she would not let a guy come in between her and her best friend.

She would still hang out with them but not as often as she used to. Jessica would always ask Esperanza if she was okay with her going out with Roberto. In her mind she would say no, but she would always answer yes.

Well Roberto and Jessica have been going out for about a month now and Jessica is getting tired of Roberto.
She would always tell Esperanza that he is to clingy and that she needs space from him because he is always right there.

Then the next day she had broke up with him. After that had happened he wouldn't talk to Esperanza nor Jessica. Then he got over it and started talking to them but not like they used to talk to each other.

Until this day Jessica's and Esperanza's friendship was not harmed by a boy named Roberto. Esperanza talks to Roberto every once in a while. Although
she does not like Roberto anymore.

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