My Identity-The Wind

April 23, 2008
By Fanny Mei, Brooklyn, NY

My identity is always changing like the wind. There isn’t one identity that would truly define me. Just like the wind, the things I encounter are carried with me throughout my life. No matter what, my friends and family are part of me like dust particles carried by the wind.
Calm wind. My junior high friends were usually the random, crazy (in a good way) types. You could probably see them singing or laughing on the street like happy little kids. I, on the other hand, would never be caught doing that. I was more of a practical person- seen as a little boring and didn’t take many risks type of person. No one would have guessed I would actually go on a roller coaster. Not the baby kind either. It was Superman, the one in Six Flags.

Breeze. Rushing down the roller coaster tracks and screaming on top of my lungs. It was the rare occasions where I would be hyper and crazy. Looking into the past, I have realized I have become more of a breeze. Whenever in junior high I was feeling sad, my friends and teachers would ask me “what’s wrong?” I would always answer “nothing. I’m ok.” Now I’m more comfortable expressing my feelings, good or bad, to those who would listen.

Hurricane and tornado. The rare but destructive moments. However, these moments never last too long. I was always described as being too nice. I can’t even hold a grudge against my pestering brother for more than a few days. It would usually start and end like this: me yelling or ignoring him for something. Then after I have calmed down, he would ask me about a problem and I would forget about our previous arguments and help him.

My family, friends and my experiences give me my identity. They define me as the person I have become. Like the wind, I’m always there whenever someone needs me. I hope to be as carefree as the wind, living life the way it should be liven.

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