April 23, 2008
By Catherine Lynch, Frederick, MD

You can always tell the days that Sophie is here because if you lay in my bed you can feel the Chex crumbs. When I roll over all I hear is crunch, crunch. When I hear that I just laugh to myself and try to pick them up or wipe them off. Her favorite food is Chex and Oreos with milk. Every time she comes to my house we have Chex (a toasted corn breakfast cereal in a square shape). Sophie is obsessed with Chex so she eats most of them. I eat like two squares and Sophie eats two handfuls. When I look there is none left and I have to get up and go downstairs to get some more. Then it happens again. By the time we are done I have eaten four squares and Sophie has had two bowls. We usually eat them right out of the box because it is to much work to keep getting milk over and over. Plus we both are kind of lazy. You wouldn’t think that someone as skinny as Sophie could eat that much and still stay skinny.
Sophie is one of my best friends. She is very quiet unless you are alone with her, then she is really funny and laughs a lot. Usually we hang out after school and go on the computer, walk my dog, or run around outside taking pictures. This fall we are going to go through our pictures and find at least two to enter in the Frederick Fair. We both have cameras so we can take pictures of many different things. We like taking pictures of sunsets, trees, and other nature scenes. We explore different settings on our cameras and find which setting is the best for that particular picture.

She has brown eyes and hair that takes her hours to do. Her hair is usually pulled back in a poofy ponytail held by a humongous scrunchie bigger than my head. Her smallest scrunchie is way bigger than my big scrunchie. We tried after school one day to see how many times the scrunchie would go around my hair. It goes around my hair 3 times. Once I even wore one as a headband. I wonder where in the world does she get those things from. Big and Tall maybe.

She lives with her mom, dad, brother, and grandmother. Sophie’s family is from Ethiopia so they all speak Ethiopian, even Sophie. Sometimes when I am at her house she has to tell her grandmother that she is going to my house. Since her grandmother doesn’t speak English she has to tell her in Ethiopian. I just stand there dumbfounded thinking, ‘what in the world is she saying.’ I ask her after we leave her house and she spells it out for me in English so I understand. Once she tried to teach me Ethiopian but I forgot it in five minutes. After that she got so frustrated with me she stopped trying. Her grandmother speaks it fluently though. Her grandmother can be really nosey sometimes and listens to our conversations even though she doesn’t understand English. But after a while you get used to it.
Her favorite color is green. Her favorite drink is milk and she buys like four gallons of it at one time when she goes shopping.
Since I raised my bed higher we both can fit under it. And we go under there and hang out and talk. We sometimes bring a flashlight so we can see each other’s faces when we tell jokes. Other times we bring even more Chex. That girl can sure eat.

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