What is the Nazi Party?

April 19, 2008
By Tori DeRiggi, Cranberry Twp., PA

What is The Nazi Party?

Everyone knows or remembers the Nazis and if they don’t then they are either too young to know or ignorant to the great tragedy of World War II. Most people know that the Nazis wanted to take over the world, and make a master race of people. I can bet not a lot of people know how it started. A lot of people think Hitler and his crazy mind started it and yes that’s part of it, but there was more to it than that such as Hitler’s rise to power couldn’t have happened if he hadn’t joined the Nazi Party.

The Nazi Party was a political group in Germany. They went by the Deutsches Arbeiten Party or the DAP. In English it stands for German Workers Party. Their name later changed to the Germany National Socialist Workers Party or the NSDAP, which was nicked-named, the Nazi Party. This Party was an extreme nationalist and racist organization. The Nazis saw themselves as members of a racially poor master race and dreamed of dominating the world.

The DAP’s power started to rise when Hitler joined in 1919. Hitler became the leader of the Party in 1921 just a short two years after joining the party. In 1921 the Sturmabteilurg (SA) or Nazi army was formed. In 1923 the army had 55,000 members in its ranks. From there the Nazis fell and regained power in the political society. They started promising bread and work, which were in short stock at the time. Afterwards when the Nazis started to take land, they took land that the German people thought was theirs anyway.

Before the Nazis gained the power they had to rebuild and grow. In 1923 Hitler took his army into Munich and tried to take over. He was sentenced to jail for 5 years but served only 13 months. In December of 1924 Hitler was released from prison and started to rebuild the party. They figured out the best way gain power was through the German political system. If a few Nazis got high power in the German parliament, they could take over Germany. In 1928 they entered the races for the parliament, and won 2.6% of the winning votes. The German economy collapsed in 1929, and during this Hitler managed to gain the position of Chancellor. From there the Nazis took over and adopted the swastika, which was put on every flag banner and arm band. The Nazis power continued to grow until they reached their peek in 1933.

Although after World War II the Nazis lost power there are still parties out there today. Founded by George Lincoln in 1959 is the National Socialist White People Party for example. They are defined as a political group of white Americans of Aryan descent that preaches racist doctrine. They promote hegemony throughout the world. There is a range of 25 to 100 members today.
A lot of people believe this could never happen again, but it can. The Nazis and Hitler started out as people who believed in the same thing and tried to make their dream come true, even if they were psychotic dreams to others. The Nazis were a political party in Germany just like the republicans and demarcates are in America today. Anyone with the knowledge of the political system can pull exactly what Hitler and the Nazis pulled in Germany in 1929. The Nazis were a political party long before Hitler and the only thing that happened to make them ill famous was crazy men planning on taking over the world decided to brain wash them.

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