My Magnificent Grandpa

April 18, 2008
By kelsey hill, Mt.washinton, KY

Everyone has that special person in their life that shares a bond with you that will never be broken. The special person in my life is my grandpa. He died last month because of cancer. My grandpa lived life to its fullest and taught me to do the same.
To start of my grandpa didn’t worry about little things. He put his family and friends, his lawn, and his garden before all other things. Yes he loves his lawn and garden like he loved his family. He would always go out and cut his grass because it had to look its best. My grandpa’s garden was beautiful he had tomatos, corn, grapes, lettuce, and black berries. I loved the corn it was to die for so yummy! This though me not to worry about the pleasures in life like money, toys, and items like that also to always put family first.
My grandpa loved kids every time we would come over he echoed “There my Kelsey and Molly Rosie!” with a big smile upon his face. When it was time to go he questioned “When are you coming over again?” I would yell “Soon grandpa!” When my grandpa would say that I know that I was really special to him.
Now most men may not clean house but every Friday night when my grandma went to bingo he cleaned the house for her. He used to cut grass for the old woman down the street. They became good friends and had a lot in common they both couldn’t hear very well. My grandpa was a very helpful man. He does anything to keep everyone happy. He helped me to help others because of him I help my church do a community protects on thanksgiving to feed senior citizens.
I’ll be the first to say my grandpa must have been popular! He had lots of friends.
Kelsey Elizabeth Hill

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