April 8, 2008
By Kelsie Sommerfeld, Cumberland, WI

The Best way to prove future success is to look at past accomplishments. Striving to achieve goals I set for my self everyday, and I enjoy the awards that I get when I achieve those goals. To be able to accomplish something I have spent so many hours on, gives me a sense of pride and eagerness to work on my next project that much harder. Because I love that feeling of succeeding, I try my hardest to accomplish everything I do. Four things I have already accomplished to prove my success in high school are I am in National Junior Honor Society, have a G.P.A. of a 3.9, I am in band, and I am an active athlete.

Being a National Junior Honor Society member is one way I have already proven I will succeed in high school. There are different achievements that a student, like myself, has to acquire in order to be in NJHS. I was overflowing with great honor and attainment in my self after being asked to join. My sister who is in Honor Society has inspired me to work hard to be in NJHS, and I’m exceedingly happy that she did.

Another thing I have already accomplished to prove my success in high school is that this year my grade point average is a 3.9. Being able to perpetuate that high of a grade point average shows that dedication and hard work pays off. Since I’m an exceedingly motivated student at school, I do my best every day to obtain the high standards I have set for my self. Because my mom has such high expectations for me, I have high expectations for myself as well, and I am satisfied with these expectations. I am very over zealous about my grade point average.

Playing the French Horn in the 7th and 8th grade band proves that I will succeed in high school. It has been proven that students in band learn more, and are more motivated in their academic classes. I am very privileged to be a part of the band. Because I am in band, I have a big responsibility to practice every night, and I am also very passionate about playing. Practicing every night for at least 15 minutes shows how devoted I am, and my outstanding work ethic.

The last thing I have already accomplished to prove that I will succeed in high school is that I am an active athlete. Before an employer hires an employee, they look for certain characteristics, like being able to be a team player. Since I’m on the girls U19 hockey team, I have learned good sportsmanship and working hard in practice really pays off in games. Practicing hard now, not only in sports but in school also, will subsidize me in the future. To be a team member is such a powerful thing, knowing the team is there for my, yet being there for the team is an overwhelming feeling. Because being a team member is such a substantial privilege, I don’t know where I would be without teammates, and even teachers, pushing me to do my very best everyday.

At this point in today’s society, do you think we would be where we are without brave people succeeding at what they do? Would we have had the first person walk on the moon, with out someone engineering flawless rockets? What about women’s rights, would there be such a thing today if people weren’t devoted to protesting and changing things? The world would be such a different place without these achievements, without attainment. Because people have fulfilled significant goals, the world is what it is today, and I’m thankful this is how the world is. Being in National Junior Honor Society, having a grade point average of a 3.9, playing an instrument in the band, and being an active athlete are four things a have already accomplished to prove that I will succeed in high school.

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Matthewjpb said...
on Sep. 5 2010 at 1:55 am

Well-written, but it seems like a lot of the stuff that is on here would be easily viewable in the rest of your application (GPA, NJHS, Band, Sports teams).

However, parts of the last two paragraphs begin to show who you really are, and seem a lot more useful to colleges who are looking to learn about you specifically, not just about statistics related to you.

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