March 28, 2008
Mrs. Fauske recited, as it was my turn to illuminate my NJHS candle. After I come back to reality, my legs are quivering, heart thumping, and head spinning, and some how my body still manages to stand up and receive my official NJHS certificate. As Mrs. Fauske rattles on about all the qualities it takes to become a superb National Junior Honor Society member, my brain begins to ruminate wow! What a way to cap off a marvelous middle school career. This assures any second guessers that I’m going to succeed in high school because I’ve had straight A’s all through middle school, avoided serious trouble, I’ve proven to all my friends that I will make a healthy and wise decision, and by lifting weights to become a better athlete.

First of all I know I will succeed grade wise in high school because I’ve proven to myself, my parents, and my teachers that I am capable of obtaining straight A’s this year. My whole middle school life my sensational report card has always had A’s across the board, or at least close to. Since I’ve accomplished that, I feel in my head I’ve set a high bar that I must succeed, and my teachers also know I can succeed. In 8th grade NJHS has also recognized my academic achievements by accepting me into their remarkable club.

I also have phenomenal behavioral skills within the classroom and halls. Detention, suspension, and obviously expulsion have never emerged my way throughout middle school. Now I’ll admit it, I’m not totally perfect. Sometimes my mouth as a mind of its own and talks, but by my grades and effort students and teachers see, shows that eventually the paper or assignment ends up in the bin. Before verbalization, not always the case, but when teachers look at my spectacular report card and see all A’s, I must of shut off the chatterbox for a little bit.
Some would say, “ So what, the kid can get good grades, but how many signature does he have on his card?”
From 7th grade only 1 signature the whole year. I think that proves that I like to have fun, but am reasonable about it.

I also believe I’ve proven to my friends that I am a healthy individual. Choosing an invigorating propel over saccharine dew, a granola bar instead of a snickers are some of my healthy habits. Most of all I believe I have done this by staying active in sports and keeping myself physically fit. Although my body and mind have drastically changed, both have become much healthier and energetic. By losing 33 pounds in 6th grade, and beginning sapient life long eating habits.

Finally I have proven to coaches that I may not be the best on the team, but I will try my absolute hardest to be the player they want me to be. Putting 100% every game and even practice shows them my work ethic, but more importantly working hard and trying to get better even when the coach isn’t looking. After school this year, I’ve also gone to the fitness center to become more durable and expeditious. I may not be the best, but I know and the coaches know that’s what I’m always striving for.

Although NJHS is sometimes undoubtedly tough and I think,
” Why am I in this,” I always tell myself,
“ You can do this, and you deserve this honor.”
Having straight A’s, staying out of trouble, starting a healthy lifestyle, and lifting weights are some of the ways this honor particularly deserves for me. I hear some kids say they wish they weren’t in NJHS. Before this past week other kids have probably heard me say that, but NJHS is an honor, nor a job. I could quit any second, but I’ve worked to hard in middle school to throw all of that away.

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