March 28, 2008
Have you ever had to shift to a new town, or move into a new house? Did you wonder what it would be like? Would it be a pleasant place, would there be gracious people there, would it be easy or hard to move? Since we are now in eighth grade, we also will have to move to a new part of the school system. It might be problematical; it might be a nice, modern experience. We may acquire lots of homework, but I think that we’re ready to move on. The three reasons that prove I am ready to move on are, I’ve been accepted into NJHS, I’ve never been in deep trouble, I have high-quality grades, and I show responsibility through my job.

The first reason that verifies that I am ready for high school is that I have been accepted into National Junior Honor Society. This shows that I have admirable grades, and I have worked hard to obtain them. Also it shows that I am a help to my community and city. Because I show proficient leadership skills when needed, I got inducted into Honor Society.

Another reason demonstrating that I’m ready for high school is that I have never been in deep trouble. I have never, in my whole school career, had a detention or suspension. Since cards, the disobedient side of mine has never been signed. I’ve also never been in a sizable fight or brawl. Sure I’ve been in some scuffles and talked a little trash, but it doesn’t escalate too much.

The third reason that proves I am ready to move on to high school is that I have immaculate grades. In a core class, I always obtain above an A overall. Because of this, I have never had below a 3.9 GPA at the conclusion of a semester. Also, I don’t ever acquire missing assignments or projects. Late assignments are scarce to me, and they usually only happen when I am sick and can’t attend school.

The final reason that proves I am ready for high school is that I display responsibility through my job at Sammy’s Pizza. This shows my obligation because I am always on time to work, and whenever I need something off, I persuade someone to work for me. I am also kind and courteous to every person that walks through the door, whether I like them or not. I have always gotten my job done whenever I work. I don’t remember the last time I was told to carry out something and I didn’t fulfill it.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, graduate means to granted an academic degree or diploma. Graduation is something that’s only four years away, four years of high school. A lot of things will arise in those years, but you need to prove you are ready first. The three reasons that demonstrate I am ready for high school are I’ve been accepted into NJHS, I’ve never been in an immense conflict, my grades are competent, and I have displayed adequate responsibility through my job.

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