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June 10, 2012
By Tuff_One SILVER, South Elgin, Illinois
Tuff_One SILVER, South Elgin, Illinois
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Something that us humans have always warned one another is about being judgemental. But, one way or another, isn't judging another life form of your same species a natural thing to do?
The human species (Homo sapien sapiens) have been designed to survive. How so? Well, it is simply because if we weren't the ones that were destined to survive, we wouldn't have lasted as much as we have, and even if the homosapien species who lived before us were more skilled than we are, why didn't they survive? The answer to that question is that we have judged one another, which, yes, destroyed others, but have also pushed us forward to create new technology and inventions for our and other species' survival.
In our time, most of our inventions, masterpieces, and technology has been introduced into the human world and history due to our human mind's will to judge each other. Even though the Neanderthal man has had their skills (and they weren't the only type of man species to have been existing during the time), couldn't the only skill they couldn't have developed was the so called "skill" of judgement? It has been proven that Leonardo Da Vinci has created his inventions by the inspiration of his religion, which led to the many blueprints that we have found today. What has his religion come from? The judgement of he Bible, God, and everything else that the Homo sapien sapiens have thought of.
This is not the only case of proof that our survival has been based on our judgement of one another.
Judging others, as many psychologists say, are a natural way of human life. With it, we have disasters, wars, catastrophes, and other things. But, with that being said, due to our measuring of judging others, some of us have been able to keep our bodies at an "appropriate" weight, reproduce our species so that we can keep our population going, and we have even taught the younger generation the skills that we have learned to keep the species safe of most harm. This means that even though we have killed on another, harmed and injured each other and created life-threatening diseases and epidemics, we have also lasted many generations, only to have created long-lasting inventions to renovate the future that is being revealed to our children's eyes, and maybe even our own eyes.
To conclude, wrap-up, or to review, our species (Homo sapien sapiens) have been given the supposed rare ability to judge one another, which is the reason why we, as a human race, have survived many of the Earth's worst disasters.

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