Psychosocial Tendancies

June 7, 2012
By Anonymous

I am someone who has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, bipolar reactions, and I can have those moments where I just can’t think very clearly. Do we truly understand what the human psychology can do to us, or what we can use the human psychology for? Humans have already discovered some means of psychological warfare. We have also found out how to display things that can spike a person’s psychological patterns in which they either need what is displayed, or in which the person tries to destroy this display due to their rage being intentionally triggered. Many scientists may be working on developing new patterns in the human psychology.

Human psychology has been shown to be a very powerful adversary due to the fact that so many humans are different. People are shown to believe almost everything they hear from their religion, or believe that their government is always correct. I am someone who is fascinated by the sheer power that any human can possess if they study their psychological thinking patterns, along with the thinking patterns of those around them. The human psychology is used for good in many ways, like how I have 2 psychiatrists because of my ADHD and my anger management problems. These doctors have helped me overcome the obstacle of losing my temper very quickly. I have taken a few different medications to counteract my ADHD, but the first few that I had taken were not as helpful as the medication I currently take. I have taken Concerta, Rhesperdon, Focalin, Ritalin, and I am currently taking Adderall, which is showing great improvements in my behavior.

The thing that strikes my interest when it comes to the human psychology is how are we able to connect so easily to one another all because of a few similar fluctuations in our brain waves? I enjoy how much my psychology can relate to that of someone that is 12 years old, 47 years old, or even 83 years old! Even though people always say “No two humans are the same”, or “Me and him/her have nothing in common”, does not mean we are not similar to one another. Our psychology is basically the way we think, or how our brainwaves fluctuate in certain patterns that display certain thoughts. This is something that just makes me want to learn more.

I am greatly interested in what my psychiatrists do. I plan to pursue a career that is similar to theirs, so that I can assist others in the way that I have been helped. The psychiatrists that assist me and others with our behavioral patterns are extraordinarily helpful and I would enjoy seeing the improvements that others make from their prospective. Even though I am happy to have made these improvements, I would greatly enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of others because I was helpful to them. We all have our own psychosocial tendencies that show characteristics that can possibly be the same as someone that we decide is not worthy enough for us to associate ourselves with. I am insanely curious about how much the human psychology could teach us, and how much help we could provide for others.

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