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June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

; a bright and intelligent girl whose dream has always been to help people. Well that’s me. See my dreams and aspirations even as a young child was always to help people and or the community. It started when I would sit outside from hours on end watching my vet tend to my horses needs, or when I would see a hurt bird I would try to catch it and help it, or even to my siblings when they would hurt themselves I would call myself being a doctor and putting on band aids for them or wiping their cuts. See all this triggered a long lasting passion for nursing. In the nursing field I’m aware of the demands and the responsibilities, and long hours which lead to dedication. All this consists of having leadership, self motivation, and a sincere kind heart. I have recently jumped right in to an internship/current job at a senior living facility. This allows me to have one foot in the door towards geriatric nursing. I believe not only am I a leader but I am self motivated. I am a leader because I have shown over the past years that I can participated in sports, 4-H, internship, and be a full time student in high school and still manage to have a positive life outside of all this. Not only do I participate in FFA, but I am an active member in my American Legion Post 264 for going on eight years now. These specific opportunities all have given me a gateway to success, and showing real heart in things. And to help people for the sake of love and compassion not for the benefits you get from it. All I can say is that all this helped me to become a well rounded person. That’s why I have come to a conclusion that a four year college would be one of the best things for my career and education.

Then I’m asked this question, of “What will I do with my one wild and precious life?” This quote is from a wise woman name Mary Oliver who was a poet full of wisdom and generosity but to me when I see this I think to myself and it means a lot because not only does a person have some kind of precious life but they always will have some type of trial and or tribulation that could affect them on their way up, no matter how big or small it could be. I can witness this first hand, because I have had to experience problems growing up. But through it all I have really found a strong love for helping people, so over the years I have started putting my dreams into play and what I have concluded is that I would like to get my masters degree in geriatric nursing. This means that I will first get my associates, and then right after go for my bachelors and then staying determined and focused I will get my masters. And then who knows, possibly fathering my education and becoming a doctor. But all in all with my one precious life, I plan to live it to the fullest accomplishing all my goals one step at a time. And when I say to the fullest it’s because I would love to attend a four year college. Not only do I feel I would get the best education but I feel that the atmosphere will allow me to focus and understand many things but yet still have a home to come home to if needed. I just ask for the chance to show my skills and good morals and values that can be a huge asset to any school. Not only will I contribute to the success rate of the school but I feel it can benefit me in the long run.
So in the end I believe going to college is the right way to go. I feel that you will be making a way out of no way for a young girl like me. You will allow me to maintain my living status with my family and familiar room to come home to and yet still help me be successful. Thank you for taking the time to consider me.

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