May 2, 2012
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The maters of the heart had no fundamental place in the brain, and could never have any solid basis in logic. Logic and love could never coexist with one an other for the simple fact that Love was not logical and Logic knew nothing of love.
Keeping that in mind we can understand a bit about the unquantifiable matter of love, love could never be fully processed or understand. But if we realize that love can strike at any moment, and be blitzed away in any instance. Then we as humans should understand that we must hold on to it with both hands, and never let it slip though our fingers.
Time by passed by love, and slips thought the fingers of those who can not learn to live, to watch a clock waiting for the hand to tick by. Time slips away when matters of the heart are involved and there was never a solid foundation in the knowledge of anything.
We move to fast for time, and so we are commanded by it, waiting and plotting, our own execution and extinction, time revels on, but with no one to be there to mark it and know when it is and how it works and let the time slip by. So therefor time is as unquantifiable as love.
Time revels on and on, and when dose it end, if we have no need for time, then how must one know anything that is worth knowing about.
But is there really anything to know about, and if so, then why do we as humans have to master and know everything.
If humans are so imperfect in our own way then why can we not understand such a thing, and if people are impatient why must everything be judged and manipulated, and why must we always know and find and be and have and all the rest else.
If the world isn't perfect then why do we seek perfection?
There's no answer key to life, there is no notes to be taken, there isn't a manual, or a secret to anything, we just have to live.
Most wars are started because of the human instinct and struggle to be and have and do, and know everything. Our survival instincts have been over ruled by time and money, that has connived us, in our 21st century north American ways.
So everything is about survival of the fittest, and we have become fat on what is to be considered modern life but which is mistaken for lazy stubbornness and ignorance.
Everything revolves around money, so what if we took away money and time from the equation, then the richest people in the world would be the ones who have there family and friends and are happy in life.
We are so focused on everything around us, we forget to live, to be, to let life slip by, to take a back set for once, we crave knowledge, and power. Money plays a key factor in our happiness, but how many people say that they would be that much happier to have time spent with loved ones, and food to eat.
What has happened to our world? What happened is we have grown fat on our way of life, on our need to have money, power, and forget that the simple things can bring us the most joy in our lives.
What dose all of that have to do with love? Quite a bit actually. Because if we don't learn to slow down and smell the roses, if we don't learn to just live. How can we have or know love, logic would dictate that such an unquantifiable matter is not able to determine all of this; logic would dictate we need time to tell us where to go and to table everything out; logic would dictate by spending our time on things such as work and learning and furthering ourselves then we get money which we can spend on our loved ones.
So really in the end it all comes down to who has the most because people think that if they have a little more money they can by the respect and love of there family; the people they love.

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