March 18, 2008
By Nick Moore, Culver, IN


This summer I worked at Culver Summer camps. I really enjoyed the campers and the people that surrounded me. Out of all of the people I encountered there was one that was especially interesting. Major Z; quite possibly the coolest man I have come to know in my life. “Z” is as old as the earth, smokes two packs a day, and has thin gray hair. He is the best boss I have had, will have this summer and probably will ever have. Along with his impeccable “boss” skills, he is also the funniest member of our staff. Major Z was not always like this; when I was a camper I was utterly terrified of this man.

As a camper I knew this man as a mean old guy who sat and smoked cigarettes all day in a tiny wooden cabin. I did not know much about him but did know that if you misbehaved, he is the man you were sent too; so therefore I was rightfully terrified of him. I think back on my days as a camper and wonder what it would be like if I has seen him then as I see him now, but I guess it’s different when you are seventeen and not seven years of age.

I will come back to work for Major Z as long as he is still working at Culver summer camps. He is the perfect boss for an already perfect job. I have so much respect for him. My view on him has changed over the years and I am glad I got to see a side of him few campers ever experience.

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