March 17, 2008
By Christopher Weekes, Elkton, SD

Have you ever had a relative show up at a family reunion in a straight jacket? I will tell you the rest of that story later.

Daniel has long, fiery red hair that hits around his shoulders, and sometimes he will put his hair into a ponytail. He wears his round glasses wherever he goes. He mostly wears black clothing that looks gothic, and he will always wear his black matrix-looking trench coat, no matter the weather. Daniel is a very slender and tall person. He stands about six feet tall and weighs about a hundred and fifty pounds. He doesn't like the sun all that well, so he is a pale-looking person. He is in his early twenties now and lives with his parents for the time being.

Daniel will usually talk about death and exotic weapons, when he is with a group of people, but when he is with family, he will talk about anything and often too. He likes to talk a lot, but he talks ever so quietly. I just found out recently at my grandpa's wedding that Daniel is actually a very intelligent man. He is well educated in history. I found this out when he was talking to an older couple about World War I and II. They carried out a long conversation about history, but Daniel was drinking Jack Daniels and at the time I thought he was just loopy. Drinking has always been a problem in my family's history, but it does what it does.

He is a very strange person. My family thinks he's a nut job that needs to be put in an institution. One time at a family reunion, he had his friends drive by the house where we were at and they helped him out of the car in straight jacket. He was also strapped in a cart. When he was helped out of the cart, he left his straight jacket on the entire family reunion. That is why everyone in my entire family thinks he is psycho. His favorite thing to do is to scare my little brother Dylan. Dylan always has to say something to get into trouble. So Daniel will talk about how he will hurt Dylan or how Dylan is going to get killed. I have no clue why he acts the way he does, but I bet my money that it's Dylan's fault.

That is basically why I like my cousin Daniel. He doesn't care what other people will think of him. He likes to make a big scene no matter the place. I like that he scares Dylan a lot. Dylan never will talk to him again.

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