Nevermore, Forevermore

March 5, 2008
By Larry Jackson, Jr., Moreauville, LA

The day started off just as any other summer morning. Roosters hooting and the sun peaking through my bedroom blinds. The sound of bacon sizzling in the skillet onside of mom cooking warm grits. Daddy aniously awaiting the hot breakfast, siiting at the bar downing some hot coffee. Shanee' and Shayla running to the kitchen to endulge in my mom's treat of the day. Still in the bed acting stubborn was my little brother Nick. I avoided intercourse of the food, due to wanting to be healthy for the Avoyelles Basketball League game later that day. Playfully my family demanded I eat and stop being silly. Reluctantly I ate and headed to the gym.

While at the gym sitting with my friends I began to remenance. Thinking back on how so far in my life, I was blessed with an angel. I rememberd how every morning I caught the bus at her house, ready to embark on each day's journey. I thought back on how we waited for the bus, laughing at Kenneth running late each an every morning while we treated ourselves to a milk chocolate Snickers candy bar.

Wherever she went, I was there.We were the dynamic duo to most people who knew us. I looked back on us both laughing at how she stopped under a yellow traffic light that suddenly turned red and backed up, though she had already passed the light. The best part of year was when those pecans dared to fall from the pecan tree behind her Moreauville residence. My entire family would set aside a day to pick each and every pecan off the ground for her to concoct her oustanding pecan candy which never ceased to get old.

Anyone who knew her, knew to never let her loose in the kitchen. She could tear down behind the stove, oven, or whatever you gave her to work with, she'd make something happen. She would make food that made any gloomy day pure excitement. Food so good that you wouldn't, better yet couldn't, stop to take a breathe, much less a sip of your drink.

While preparing for my Avoyelles Basketball League game, there abruptly in my stomach came a urge so strong, but yet so strange. A feeeling that I had yet to experience. As I observed the crowd to see if anyone had noticed, my sister Shanee' caught my eye. With a sorrowful look in her face she regretfully stated, " She's Gone". The words echoed in the back of my mind for what seemed like hours if not days. Back and forth, up and down I began to pace. Several of my friends noticed and questioned," what's up with you", " You alright"? Without a response I sorrowfully walked away. As I entered the gym lobby, I met my sister with some of her friends in tears. Immediately the tears were jerked down my face and ran like Sirjourney Truse on a 100 meter dash on her best day. Contiuously we cried until we had used up all our energy and couldn't shed another tear.

Thus I began to realize the reality of the situation. Nevermore will I enjoy a Snikers candy bar each morning while laughing at Kenneth. Nevermore would I have my better half in the dynamic duo. Nevermore will I laugh at the red light incident. Nevermore will I enjoy picking pecans as a family. Nevermore will I endulge in deluctable pecan candy. Nevermore will I enjoy my blessing in the form of an angel, because Forevermore my grandmother was gone.

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