Global Warming

January 22, 2008
By kyle tilson, Park City, UT

Global Warming is a big problem. If you think that Global warming is not a big problem and just a theory then you are wrong, because global warming is a proven fact. Imagine in around fifty years all of the cities on the ocean’s coast will be under water. Global warming is a real problem and will impact future generations, because temperatures are rising and could impact many societies around the world. Also because of global warming, animals living in the arctic will suffer because of all the melting ice shelves. Some of the cold water species will be killed if the temperature of the water keeps rising.

First, the rising temperatures for many societies in the future would be a big problem because the temperatures of some places are the keys to that society’s success. Take Park City, for example. Our society is based around skiing. If the temperature keeps rising there will be no snow left which means no skiing, which ultimately leads to no Park City. Some places rely on their temperatures to be very warm but not too hot. If the temperatures keep rising those destinations will lose a lot of their popularity around the world.

Next, lots of animals in the arctic are already suffering because of the melting ice shelves. It is not fair that when a polar bear’s home melts into the ocean it has to swim far too many miles to find even a little bit of land. A lot of the time the polar bear cannot find the land it needs so it drowns. I think this a problem because many species are disappearing, like polar bears, because of global warming. Also it is not fair that polar bears are losing their lives because of something that humans are causing.

Lastly, cold water species will lose their lives if the temperature of the water keeps rising. Fish are a big part of our world. Fish are a big source of food for humans, other animals, and other fish. The smaller fish are a big part of the fish food chain. The bigger fish eat the smaller fish and then so on. If the smaller fish die then after a while all of the fish would die because there would not be that beginning source of food.

My conclusion is that global warming will have a huge impact on future generations, if we, the humans don’t change some of the ways we do things. We need to stop putting so much pollution into the atmosphere, I think that might be a way to stop the temperature from rising. I think that is the first thing people need to work on because that could stop a lot of other things too. If we do not try to stop it now then the future generations will be in a lot of trouble.

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on May. 26 2012 at 5:13 am
This story is a charming one about to save our planet Earth and not take it for granted. Very Nice!


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