I Heart Italian Subs

January 24, 2008
By Steve Hanes, Pompton Plains, NJ

Mmmmm … my mouth is watering just thinking about the wonderfulness that is an Italian sub. The outside is created from a hearty loaf of Italian white bread, toasted to perfection to have just the right combination of crunchy goodness. Spilled onto that delicious bread are the oil and vinegar, giving the whole sub its gift of tangy flavor. The tomatoes are so juicy, when you bite into one, the tomato juice blasts open into a waterfall of healthy goodness. The crisp lettuce that’s piled on top of the tomatoes easily enhances the flavor of the entire sub. Now, we’ll move on to the meats. The ham, just moist enough, leaves the most scrumptious taste in the back of my mouth. The chewy salami makes me want to party all night long, because that’s how long the delicious flavor lasts. And, lastly, but definitely not least, the spicy capicola stings me right back, reminding me to enjoy the flavor while it lasts. The provolone cheese on the top of the meats is almost like a container, containing the entire flavor of the sub itself, dispersing it with every bite. Ooh, I have to go now…I need one of those subs immediately!

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