College is an Opportunity

College is an opportunity not only to expand my understanding of familiar ideas, but also to gain knowledge and experience in areas less familiar. A well-rounded approach to education provides for numerous potential career paths and gives me the tools to approach different ideas and notions open-mindedly.

I have always wanted to work in the field of science. I feel there is so much that has yet to be discovered, and so far that it can be taken. The opportunities to make a contribution, to do something good in this world and to help people are virtually limitless.
Ultimately, I would like to go into optometry; I know that such a profession will allow me to combine all aspects that I look for when considering a career and educational path. Optometry will allow me to do something important in society, something that helps other people, and I know that helping others will lead to a feeling of contentment within myself as well. It is also the perfect chance to become more involved what I believe to be the most effective learning method: applied science. Hands-on biology classes allow students to actually put a face to a name so to speak, which I believe is very important. It is my hope that the University of Puget Sound will offer exactly what I need.
While Optometry is a goal of mine now, I also believe that it would be almost naive to lock myself into only one option with as few experiences as I have had at age seventeen.
A childhood in Mayberry-like Moscow, Idaho, while providing for a safe and supportive environment, also lacked the diversity of ideas and experiences that I know a school like Puget Sound has to offer. I am most certain that an education at Puget Sound will provide me with the necessary challenges and opportunities to help me into the career of my dreams.

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