Prometheus and Pandora

March 25, 2012
Prometheus was punished for bringing fire to man; made to remain chained to a rock, where a Roc, a legendary bird, was ordered to mangle him every day, in order for him to learn his lesson. Prometheus was rescued by the demi-god, Hercules, who was forced to do 12 acts in order to redeem himself for killing his wife and children, and after his rescue, little was said or heard of him, if anything was said at all.

Prometheus was not punished for bringing what occurred in nature to us, not for that type of fire, but punished for instilling within us the fire of the gods, the fire that no man could create. What is the fire of the gods, if not the fire of nature itself, you ask, well, the fire not found in nature is something that must be found outside of or separated from nature, in one form or another. What are the things that have ridden above nature, leaned to control nature itself, to become a separate entity entirely; ask yourself what has managed to rise from pure instinct to take over what once held it captive. You will find only one answer to the question, one being, one entity, who has managed to rise up, against all odds, and take control of themselves, effectively gaining control of everything without mind; you. You alone have defied all odds, defied all natural laws, broke through the barrier of instinct to become a creature of mind, a creature of control, a creature of consciousness. Prometheus did not give us something we could forcefully take from nature, he gave us the ability to be aware, to be conscious of ourselves and our surroundings; the ability to rise up from the mindless, the ability to be rational.

That is the fire spoken of when Prometheus is spoken of, the reason why the immortal was chained to a rock, left there for all of eternity as a punishment, because he gave us out mind, our very consciousness. What have we done with it, what horrors have we chosen to release upon the natural world, what destruction have we used it for, what savages we have become, where have we lost ourselves at?

Pandora and her box, it was a gift from the gods, it was an object that contained emotions, but Pandora was not told of its contents, she was only informed that the box should not be opened. Prometheus had already given us his fire by this time, and we had risen enough to create pockets of civilization, but there was no emotion, so everything was natural, the fire was controlled. We were given out fire, and we looked for things to feed our fire, both to keep it going and to let it grow, because we grow as our fire grows. And our fire is all that separated us from nature, something still fresh in our mind at the time. Pandora kept her box closed for a long time, but as the time grew longer, she began to think of the box more, and how it could contain knowledge (fire) to put more distance between herself and nature. Prometheus was punished for his actions; the gods gave us a box, leaving it up to us to receive our punishment or not, letting Pandora, one of us, a typical one of us, choose to release that punishment, because if Pandora opened the box, than a typical one of us would have opened the box, and was met face to face with out punishment, which came pouring out of the box quickly.

Whatever emotion she was struck first with caused her to snap the box shut, just as quickly as the emotions had ejected, and because of that, man must seek out the emotions left in the box, while others are a part of man. This was the point where man became individual, because man could no longer work together without getting in one another’s way, and began to lose sight of their mind and their fire. When nature came creeping up on man, because he had forgotten that staying above nature was essential, he would destroy it, because it was the one thing he feared, sinking back into mindlessness. What he did not realize was that by destroying the root of his past he was destroying the root of his present and future, for generations later, when man had lost sight of their roots, they would seek to destroy anything that threatened their place as man. That is where we are now, destroying anything we see as a threat, but what we do not realize, is that what we consider a threat is our very roots. Those who are productive and do nothing to destroy our roots, rather embrace them, are those who still contain the fire that Prometheus instilled within us. There are those of us who understand the fire we were given; the punishment we suffer because of our actions, and yet we endure, because we know that our gift is all we have, and that it can work in tandem with the emotions we were given.

Prometheus knew the gods would punish us for his actions, so he gave us the one thing that could use against them, the mind. The gods punished us with emotions, because they knew it would most likely destroy us, but when the two are combined, the mind and emotions, it becomes something greater than what Prometheus gave us, or a worse punishment then intended. We have the power to become gods, because of Prometheus’s and the gods’ gifts, but we have lost our path, disgraced Prometheus and the vision he saw in us. We are losing ourselves back to nature, because it wants to re-claim what was rightfully its, and we fight each other because we can’t see our enemy, because all we can see is each other, but have never even thought that the solution is production, doing what one wants, and when that has become lost, moving on to something else we love.

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