How Optimism Benifits My Community

March 19, 2012
By andie520 SILVER, Westminster, Colorado
andie520 SILVER, Westminster, Colorado
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How does my positive outlook benefit my community? Hmmm. Well, the only way for me to answer this question fully, is to start with me. How does my positive outlook benefit me? Being positive helps me to do my best and help others to do their best. When I am optimistic, I can do things that pessimists can’t do. For example, I can inspire hope, love, and human interest in people who think they don’t care. I enable myself to work harder, which makes me happier because I can be myself, without changing the way people see me. I tend to look on the brighter side of life and I try help to others to do so as well. I’ve been very self critical for as long as I can remember; optimism helps me to overcome my fears. I can do thing without worrying if I’m good enough, or if people enjoy it. Having positive attributes helps me to me happier with who I am, showing me that I don’t need to change to make other people like, or appreciate me. This helps me become more enthusiastic about my life, and others’ lives.
How does my optimism benefit my family? When I am optimistic in my house hold, I can help my family to become more optimistic in and outside of our family circle as well. When I am optimistic, my attitude allows me to teach my siblings the importance of optimism and how it affects other people. Optimism helps us to avoid fights, arguments, and secrecy. We can plan around the obstacles, and not allow them to take us down.
When my family is optimistic, it spreads. When each and every one in my family is optimistic, they inspire enthusiasm in all of their friends. This helps the cycle continue flowing. When other people show me how to optimistic, I can understand and remember the importance of optimism and how I can have positive qualities. Optimism shows my family how they can accomplish more. Positive attitudes can empower us to be a closer family.
With optimistic friends, I can learn how to help and be helped. One of the most important times my family, friends, and I had to have a positive outlook is when my mom had to have brain surgery. Without the support of my family and friends, my mom might not have made it out alive. If I wasn’t optimistic, my family would’ve lost their minds. If I didn’t have optimistic friends, I would have had a mental, and physical, breakdown, making the emotional roller coaster ride lots worse.
When all of us are being optimistic, we can show our neighborhood how having a bright disposition helps us. My family is a great example of this. Mt dad goes to McDonald's fro breakfast every morning. Some of the older people in the area go there for coffee. We’ve come to know some of them really well. In fact, one of the couples is people that I grew up with. When my mom had her brain tumor removed, we went to McDonald’s, and they were surprised to see us being so happy. We told them that we’ve chosen to keep a luminous attitude because things won’t get any better if we are pessimistic. By proving this to them, they were able to become more optimistic.
This also can be expanded to anyone else, even the people I don’t know. When you go to the store, the people you see are upset, having marital, emotional, and physical problems. By being optimistic, I can help them to be happier and more stable. Like an atom, I try to bond with other people in order to be more resistant to pressures that I shouldn't succumb to. I can counteract the pessimistic viewpoints and prove how optimism guides my life and how it can help sustain theirs.
In the end, it is the optimists who get all the good stuff. They can get the things they want because they make others feel good, appreciated. I want to be one who people come to for help because they know I will tell them that everything will be OK. I understand some of the thing that people are going through; I understand how optimism helped me, and how it can help them too.

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