March 17, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Undergraduate Officer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison-

My name is “” and I have been given a postponed decision at UW-Madison. I completely understand that the undergraduate office has decided to give my application a further review. I want to express my desire for attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has been my first choice ever since I visited the campus freshman year and I have come to the conclusion that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is going to be the best University that I can possibly attend for as an undergraduate student and as a graduate student.
When I wake up every morning, the first thing that goes through my head is “Oh god, I got postponed at the UW-Madison, and what am I going to do if I don’t get in when decisions come out on March 15th?” This is followed by a pang in my chest and me lying there in bed just pondering my life without UW-Madison. What I ponder: nothing. I cannot imagine my life without going to UW-Madison. I have always seen myself in class when the bell of Carillon Tower rings. I have always seen myself struggling to climb up Bascom Hill in the middle of winter. I have always seen myself studying for my next Developmental Neuroscience exam at the Memorial Library when the clock strikes midnight. But then I get a rush of blood to my head and jump out of bed because I know that I cannot stop working hard. I have to prove to UW-Madison that I am a dedicated, hard-working student. Therefore, I continue to work hard in all my AP classes, go to work, volunteer at the hospital, and intern for a dermatologist. My mental determination to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison is my daily drive which keeps me focused on reaching my overall goal of becoming a dermatologist.
The Undergraduate Office might be thinking that why should be accepting an applicant that has a uniform mixture of A’s and B’s over a student that has mostly A’s or even straight A’s? Over the last four years, I have continuously challenged myself by taking AP classes. If I got a “B” in an AP class, I did not back down. Instead, I worked harder to pull my grade up. I did not back down from the challenge because I wasn’t successful the first time. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison I will continue to keep up this determination by being ready to take more challenging courses, and make myself more diverse by joining Student Organizations like Asha for Education and rushing for the Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity.
I am aware the University of Wisconsin-Madison will ultimately base their decision on my G.P.A which is a 3.5 and my ACT score which is 28. I know that I am on the lower end of the average G.P.A. but this is because of the number of AP classes I took as well as the number of leadership organizations I took part in. I have recently sent in another ACT score in which I received my highest score in reading: 30. I cannot see myself at any other University besides the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the next 8 years. I want the whole freshman package to be completed here: attend a Badger’s game as a student, gain my freshman 15, pulling all- nighters in my dorm room and basically starting a new life. You are only a college freshman once, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison has it all to MY freshman college experience perfect.

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