The Muses

January 28, 2012
By samwhoam PLATINUM, Granby, Massachusetts
samwhoam PLATINUM, Granby, Massachusetts
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"Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Romans believed in the ancient Muses, the gods of inspiration and talent, descending upon mortals to guide them in writing, painting, sculpting, fighting, you name it, it was a nifty little muse tapping into the human mind. I understand this proposal. The sudden urges one gets to do something, the path to success is not always a thing of design or intention, it just sort of happens. People find what they are nasty at accidentally, of pure fluke, of pure unwonted desire; it is a burning passion to do something that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
These are the flings of the night. The callings of the deep the inner beast, the inner intelligence, sprung out of nothing towards the elusive something. The muses should be followed, some say. Others maintain that they are things of evil, twisting obsessions that pull you away from responsibility and true devotion to the just causes of the world. Suppose for a moment that they could be both, both benevolent and evil muses, the desires that string us along the various pathways of life. Think then on this, emotions drive us to say illogical things, pheromones detail for us the urges of our body. Physical demands to eat, drink, reproduce, raise our young, love our families all guide us in our choices and desires. These are not muses.

Muses take on another form of desire all together. These are the desires that allow man to stand out as an individual, as a successful and “fulfilled” man. We listen to these muses to acquire glory, prestige, fame, the same road to the high pedestal that all fight along. This path is of the evil design. It is structured to distract us from the real meaning, the real understanding. Understanding, of course, is a different stipulation for all of man, and cannot be found in one’s self by reading or learning. It can be helped along, but never fully realized in full effect, the belief and holdings of one’s personal self.
So how do we find the good muses? The healthy muse that encourages us to find self identity, the foundation of individual serenity we all must acquire to develop any kind of security, and acceptance on life in our own unique intelligence. Passion can be a hindrance and a rush towards the uncovering of the individual. It is the undefined urgings we should strive to grow, the secret little fascinations that should be opened and watered in full sunlight. Every facet of a humanity can be studied and written, but only the individual can fully realize the muse of serenity on the within.

The author's comments:
The drive to write we all feel within is either insanity or the purest sanity.

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