Si Se Puede

January 14, 2012
By heymichellee BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
heymichellee BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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Si se puede, yes it can be done, was the phrase little eight year old me and my six year old sister chanted through my cramped, tiny townhome in the suburbs of Montgomery Village, MD after watching Gotta Kick it Up! on Disney Channel. The smells of rich Peruvian chicken being roasted from the oven greeted our noses as we marched to our chant towards our mother who was setting the table in the kitchen. She started pumping her fist in the air as she encouraged our chant. My sister and I started to laugh as she started to salsa dance to our mantra. My mom then grabbed both of our hands, knelt in front of us, stared us in the eyes, and said, “Never let go of the phrase. Even when things seem impossible, anything can be accomplished with hard work. Si se puede!” She then got up and we all started to dance while setting the table.

It is now 9 years in the future and this memory has been embedded in my mind since it occurred. The voice of my mom teaching us this lesson pops into my conscience each time I encounter an obstacle such as when trying to make new friends at a new high school in Urbana, MD during my freshmen year or when learning the hardest chapter in Calculus. This phrase has been the reason behind my disciplined work ethic and it echoes in my mind every day. From my Peruvian mother, I gain my vivacious, loud, and bubbly personality that is exhibited when around friends or family. However, I am also reserved, composed, and kind; traits I received from my Chilean dad. Mix all these in a pot and you get the recipe for me; a dish called Si se puede.

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