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January 13, 2012
By Pwincess BRONZE, Yourcity, Other
Pwincess BRONZE, Yourcity, Other
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Did you know that only 25% of all schools in the United States have achieved the implementation of uniforms while having a marginal success rate involving the addition thereof? It is an accurate statistic; while this statistic is going up, research shows that these schools feed into numerous major dropout factories. Similarly, the number of dropout factories is going up at a rate similar to that of the increase of schools with uniform policies. This evidence is a clear indicator of the relationship of school uniforms to the degeneration of academic success, and ultimately, academic failure. School uniforms are also commonly viewed as oppressive within multiple informal associations within various student bodies. The uniforms ratification and implementation into school and school district will be viewed as an infringement of naturally given freedoms and be responded to with retribution, retaliation, and resentment.
Firstly, students wearing uniforms can’t express their individuality. Individuality, for lack of other vents, is often expressed through one’s clothes. Singing, dancing, art, and writing are not such individuality vents as they were in humankind’s history. Some might argue that minors can’t express themselves freely anyway. Minors aren’t allowed, for instance, to openly criticize school authority, under penalty of being prejudiced against for the remainder of the year. Such limitations convey the impression of being rational, and are also present in most, if not all, societies. Notwithstanding, our freedom of expression is quite limited. Taking away the right to dress freely would mark the crossing of the borderline of being a noninflammatory event. This freedom of expression and/or copying one’s role model or clique eminence is an illusion imperative to the morale and academic success of the younger generation. Sans the aforementioned freedom, the last most noticeable of the freedoms in the category is thus gone; these circumstances would connote in a mind delving into such probabilities as this the degeneracy of one’s academic performance. In conclusion, adding uniforms to school policy would generate an adverse reaction because of the clear restriction of the student’s freedom of expression.
On top of that, research shows that uniforms make no measurable academic difference. There are many studies on the subject, and the results of these studies are so conflicting depending on the sample that clearly the effects are different on different groups of people. For instance, the study “Scientific School Uniform Research” says that “Based upon this analysis, the authors were forced to reject the ideas that uniforms improved attendance rates, decreased behavioral problems, decreased drug use, or improved academic achievement.” Yes, there are many studies that have extremely positive results. Yes, there are also plenty of negative results, such as this. These studies cannot be consistently trusted, because when they draw on different samples of students, they are corrupting their data set with various and inconsistent personalities. This robs these studies of validity, because the random sample creates a discrepancy in the results, eliminating the possibility of accurately predicting the effect of uniforms in all cases. Consequently, there isn’t sufficient research with collinear results to quote it one way or another. Given that there is no proven benefit from uniforms, there is no point in implementing them.
Finally, this by no means anticipated implementation of school uniforms can insinuate the students into adopting a rebellious attitude towards the administration, staff, teachers, curriculum, and all such related entities. This event should in this case strongly arouse the interest of administration that the school’s inherent reputation not suffer as an outcome of decreasing academic performance, since the decrease of academic performance shall surely be an outcome of resentment towards the aforementioned parties. This here paragraph explicitly counters any possible and/or plausible claims to the quite impossible notion bearable but by the insane that the administration could possibly not care. This resentment towards the people or objects listed in the twice prior statement will in all probability be the precursor of a degeneracy of erudite triumph.
As has been demonstrated above, school uniforms are a markedly unnecessary policy not to be adopted by marginally present-minded individuals of respectable status as are the members of this administration. Uniforms are, depending on one’s point of view, in one case a devilish abomination, in another a financial inconvenience, and in yet a third a minor nuisance; in any event, one may be forced to adopt into consideration this humbly plausible conclusion regarding the fundamental truth of obvious relation to school uniforms that no/little/unmeasurable good will come of them, as this is the obvious conclusion that one can reach in the face of indisputable evidence such as this. If a good measure of thinking is applied to this appallingly crucial matter, one must realize this outcome, especially and inevitably if thought is applied. The evidence is at hand, as is the ineluctable prognostication of Armageddon, and is compellingly pointing at a mere single course of action: ban the enforcement of school uniforms!

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because I was furious at the injustices of government requiring the wearing of school uniforms to school. Therefore and notwithstanding thereof, I am affected to script this initial boom of logic onto this paper of virtuality.

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