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December 16, 2011
By Charles_Barkly BRONZE, Sedan, Kansas
Charles_Barkly BRONZE, Sedan, Kansas
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My name is Charles Robert Kimple, and I want to be a Mound Builder. I have been contemplating which college would be the most beneficial to me, and I believe that Southwestern is the right choice. I will start by telling you about myself. I am an 18 year old senior from Sedan High School. My interests are football, reading, weightlifting, friends, family, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and swimming.
As a football player, I received numerous awards including All-State Honorable Mention. I am also on our math team and weightlifting team. I am an intelligent student, and I try hard, especially if I’m in the right environment and I believe South Western will be that environment. South Western is a smaller college and I would like to attend a college with a smaller homier feeling.
My plans after high school are to attend Southwestern for four years then after I have attained my pre-med degree I hope to transfer to Kansas University’s medical program to receive my doctorate. When I am completing my residency and have all affairs in order I would like to marry and start a family of my own.
I have numerous reasons why I want to be a doctor. My first one deals with my grandpa and how he had cancer and how badly I wanted to help him and ease his pain and suffering. I know I couldn’t cure his cancer, but hopefully in the near future there will be a cure then I could help people like my grandpa.
My second reason is my role model, who is my uncle Thumper; he is an orthopedic surgeon who went to Stanford University. The reason he is my inspiration is that he is an incredibly smart man who has a drive to help people out to the best of his ability. In my book that makes him incredible and worthy to be anybody’s role model.
My Third reason is just my love for science. Since my freshmen year I have wanted to have a job that deals with science. I think that science is one of the coolest things out there. I am fascinated by how complex and intriguing our bodies are. Taking into consideration the high number of pre-med students from southwestern that are accepted into medical school, I believe Southwestern will be an important stepping stone to help me realize my dreams and ambitions.

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