Jeron, I Love You.

January 2, 2012
By JColette BRONZE, Verona, Pennsylvania
JColette BRONZE, Verona, Pennsylvania
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It was October 17, 2010. I had just left all-night bowling with a couple of my friends at about 3AM. We went out to eat at Eat N’ Park, and we were just enjoying ourselves, having a good time. I got home late and went straight to sleep. My phone rang early that same morning around 7AM. Since I was sleep I didn’t answer, but my phone continued to vibrate after that. I forced myself to wake up and opened up my text messages. My cousin Janai had sent me a text that said, “Hey, I need you to call me when you get this. It’s important…” When I called her, there was just silence on the phone. I could tell something was wrong, but I didn’t know exactly what it was. She began to mumble, “Jeron…”
Cutting her off, I said, “What about him? Didn’t he come home yesterday?”
She began to mumble again, “Jeron… last night… he got shot up CALU… at 2AM…
Joslyn, he didn’t make it…” When she told me that, my heart dropped. I felt like someone had just ripped out my heart and stepped on it. I was in shock, and I just broke down in tears. My 18 year-old cousin had been murdered over absolutely nothing. Jeron was only shot because a boy was upset he couldn’t get into a homecoming party. He wasn’t even the target; he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jeron was a person who was never into drugs, gangs, or guns. He was raised right in a Christian family and was probably one of the sweetest people on earth. It’s sad to say that his life was cut short all because of a homecoming party. The hardest thing for me was knowing that this all wasn’t a dream, it was reality. My weekend had gone from entertaining to tragic.

There were over 2,000 people who attended his viewing and funeral. The mayor of Pittsburgh even came to express his sympathy. CALU and Hampton University both had marches and lit candles for him. All of his family and friends gathered and mourned together. I wish he could’ve seen how much of an impact he had on people. Never in a million years did I think that would happen, especially to someone as innocent Jeron. Violence has gotten out of hand and I wish it would just stop. Unfortunately, I can’t put a stop to it, but if I could I would. “One out of every twenty-one Black American males will be murdered in their lifetime. Most will die at the hands of another Black male” (Boyz N Tha Hood).

Jeron’s death has inspired me to stay in school and keep myself out of trouble. It was just a tragic way to die for a person as loving as Jeron. To keep myself from crying now, I think of it as he went on a long trip and won’t be back for a while. Even though I miss him, I’ll see him again. It is going to be difficult not hearing his jokes anymore or seeing his big beautiful smile, but he is in a better place now. I love him and I’ll miss him.

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