December 13, 2011
White fields of snow, surrounded by ice covered mountains and no civilization around for miles. This may sound like a fantasy land but is the blank canvas of Antarctica. Some people think of it as an arctic waste land but I see it as an unexplored frontier. Antarctica is one of last places on the planet that has not been thoroughly explored. It gives the land a kind of mystery; like anything could exist there. It represents an older simpler time in the world, before industrialization, automobiles, and roads. People have not breached this still natural and wild habitat. This natural world holds a magnificent beauty that is unparalleled anywhere else. It is one of the last uncultivated places left in the world where nature still reigns, free from the influence of human kind.
Antarctica intrigues me because I am also interested in what is new and developing. This land has the opportunity to be created into anything. Any kind of government or economy; a whole new way of life could be created here. Any type of society could develop from a colonial government controlled by some world power or a new sovereign nation. The unknown ignites my imagination. It makes me ask the question what new advancement in technology can be found or scientific discoveries can be made? I am intrigued by the unknown and of all the places in the world Antarctica is the epitome of the unknown.

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