November 17, 2011
By InsertCleverNameHere BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
InsertCleverNameHere BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Nobody thinks they're better than you, except you.

Have no fear of perfection-you'll never reach it. The first time I heard read this quote I found it embracing. I was a small child at the age of 9 and I felt like I now had an excuse. Perfection is said to be something that can never be accomplished no matter how hard you try. So, why should I try was the first thing that I thought. I felt that at that time I didn't have to be perfect. It was alright to fail or not come close in anything. My parents, teacher, or friends wouldn't look down on me because nobody could be perfect so why should I strive to be any different? No one would judge, except myself.

When I was younger I was content with just being good enough in everything whether it was sports, school, or hell even video games. I believed that quote above with such passion that I had become the person which I now hate. The thought of me not trying to do any better than anyone else at that age still haunts me today. Getting a 75 on a test was just fine with me. Allowing 5 runs in a baseball game was acceptable as well. Not being top honors or on the principal's list was fine to. Everything that I did not succeed in with flying colors was nothing to get mad about.
At the time of this, now heavily loathed phase. in my personality I didn't realize that improving and chasing perfection was such a benefit. Instead of getting a 75, I could gave gotten a 100. Maybe the chase of perfection academically would have propelled me forward a couple of grades. Maybe if I had tried to improve my pitching my team could have won more games or made it to the playoffs. The possibilities are endless.

Nowadays I strive for perfection. Perfection has become almost and obsession with everything I do. I feel like I need to give and get 100% on everything in life now. Wherever I choose to go in life, whatever I decide to be, I feel I have to be the best, I must be perfect. To many this can be a little bit alarming in trying to do everything in life without mistakes or blemishes but, to me, its now a part of my daily routine. I now can't erase that quote from my memory but, I can replace it. They say that perfection is impossible and that it can't be reached, that's because nobody has tried hard enough.

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