Being a Twin

November 12, 2011
By alanam94 BRONZE, Florida, New York
alanam94 BRONZE, Florida, New York
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"What’s it like being a twin?" This is a question I’ve been asked countless times; I don’t blame people for their curiosity. It is an incomparable experience. Few people have the opportunity to experience such a close bond with another individual. From the day of conception, we’ve literally been side by side or metaphorically, attached at the hip. Such a close relationship resulted in our mutual dependence.

Growing up, we were always, “the twins”, sometimes even referred to as “Carlana.” We were thought of, and began to think of ourselves, as a whole. Throughout the first sixteen years of our lives, we literally spent just about every moment together. At home, we shared a room and even in school my mother always made sure we were in all of the same classes. Then, when summer came along, we went away for eight weeks to a sleep away camp where we also spent every moment together. As twins, we shared basically everything. From our clothes, to our friends, and even dinner out; everything that was mine was hers and vice versa. This (lack of division OR level of concurrence...WHICH IS BETTER??) between the two of us hindered our personal and individual development.

This past summer, I got a job at a local ice cream stand. Instead of spending my summer at camp, I was home working while Carly went off to camp without me. It seemed like a good idea to get a break from each other, but it was a scary concept. In all my years I had always been with her; she was someone to back me up or keep me company when I needed it. In the months leading up to our separation I thought I had accepted it. Then the morning came when she was leaving. Usually she, our best friend and I boarded the bus together saying goodbye to our parents. This year Carly and our best friend got on the bus together saying goodbye to me. This was the moment when it really hit me; I was going to be apart from the most prominent person in my life. I was losing my other half.

Although at first intimidating, I embraced my circumstances. I was able to do things I wouldn’t have done with her like form some new relationships. I formed closer connections with all of my friends on an individual level. The experience gave me the opportunity to develop as a being, replete with my own idiosyncrasy, rather than half of a whole. While maintaining our connection, we each discovered a new found independence and with that, a confidence. This confidence will allow me to thrive in any environment, with or without my sister- including an exciting adventure such as attending college.

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Rendonmateo said...
on Nov. 16 2011 at 11:48 am
You didn't write too much about yourself and that's what this essay is for. Also, although you did talk a little about how you grew as a person from being separated from your sister you should elaborate more on it. Talk less about close you and your sister were and more about yourself.

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