Black Is Never too Dark

November 1, 2011
Those black eyes have the power to kill. A mere glimpse of those eyes is enough to paralyze every muscle in a person’s body. They do not stir; they do not move. Remaining perfectly placid, those eyes mock every trespasser with deathly silence.

Preventing me from a perfect state of equilibrium, my oversized backpack added to the force of gravity as I stood there looking—just looking. I quickly learned how intimidating a four-story, brick building is to a Catholic school girl coming from a class of thirty students. My hands began to shake, and my feet appeared to be cemented into the ground. A loud ring pierced me to the bones—welcome to high school.

Heart pounding, mind screaming—this is it. This is do or die. The time has come for me to face my fears and begin my journey.

I took a deep breath and began my way up the seemingly endless stairs. Approaching the monstrous brown doors was one of the scariest, most defining moments of my life. Although I
longed to seize my past between my fingers, I had finally reached that vital transitioning moment
between adolescence and adulthood, and it was time to extend my hand to unlatch my future. Unfastening the doors, I opened the first passageway to the next four years of my life.

I thrust myself forward and embark on my adventure. I start off slowly, allowing my confidence and comfort levels to build.

After trading in my extra-large backpack for one of a more manageable size, I stood straighter and my smile widened. Erect and confident, I was ready to confront anything that sophomore year threw my way. I nurtured my high-school experience in the palm of my hand and realized I could mold it however I desired. I made new friends, joined teams, affected organizations, and developed close relationships with my teachers. Slowly but surely, I began to break the barrier of shyness that had previously surrounded me.

With every passing second, my speed increases. I am on top of the world. No one can touch me; no one can bring me down. I am one with my surroundings, and everything around me is working in perfect harmony.

The evolution from under-to upperclassman is truly a coming of age in any high-school student’s life. For me, this was my year of growth and self-discovery. It was then, for example, when I found my first job. As a waitress, I learned how to deal with diverse personalities—an important lesson for any aspect of life. I also discovered my knack for chemistry and love of writing. I was no longer a shy underclassman; I was now a role model who intended to live up to my title by always remaining true to myself.

I released my feet from the imprisoning bindings of my snowboard. Those black eyes would not kill me. I conquered my first double-black diamond.

As a senior, I struggle with the idea of closing this chapter of my life. Part of me dreads reaching the last page, but part of me is enthusiastic about turning it over and finding a clean sheet—a fresh start. Beyond the books, high school has taught me to be an independent, hard working, and caring person. I have strived to be the best version of myself, and I am proud of what I have accomplished.

No trail is ever too icy; no slope is ever too steep. I am prepared for any challenge that comes my way. I cannot wait to take the chair lift back up to a new
beginning, a more advanced trail.

I am more than ready to begin college.

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