A Square Jaw Line

October 23, 2011
By nimmy94 BRONZE, Yonkers, New York
nimmy94 BRONZE, Yonkers, New York
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“London! That’s the capital of England.” The next question was “What’s the capital of Italy?”
These are the questions my dad asked on an hour long drive to New Jersey when I was eight. Our trivial games were a common pursuit. Instead of having useless banter, my dad helped me amass a myriad of facts, figures and events. This is the man who has made me the person I am.

My dad is a technical and scientific egomaniac. He memorizes things by simply reading it over. He cultures himself by watching shows and reading articles. The topics range from gold mining to caviar farming. No wonder he knew guitars originated in Spain or that the Great Wall of China is visible from outer space. My dad is effulgent.

Most people consider me the mini version of my dad. Welcoming big brown eyes and a square jaw line. Our personalities and interests are also tantamount. Talking to my dad is like a debate but it has enriched me. I feel like a walking encyclopedia. I might be having a conversation with my friends, and if I know something about that particular subject, I’ll say it. Sometimes they are shocked and ask “How do you know this?” It’s usually a rhetorical question. I try to help people learn new things. It gives a sense of humility and smugness.

Reading has also helped me. Every week I would walk to my local library with my grandpa and check out books on various subjects. One week a book about the solar system, another week a book about arthropods. The list would go on. I was capitulated by these books. Every book I read, I memorized some more information. This habit of mine still persists today.

I’m not sure if this acumen will come in handy. It does help me carry on a nice mellifluous conversation. Maybe I seem more erudite to others. Whatever the case is, shouldn’t the human brain capacity be filled to its maximum?

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