Prototype (just need feed back) not perfect copy !!!

October 9, 2011
By Anthony Marizan BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Anthony Marizan BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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If who I am is what I have and what I have is lost , then who am I ? I don't have much so their really isn't much to loose; I do have standards. I don't try to fit in; I feel as I am the perfect size, "I know came of a bit portentous" but their is a difference between vanity and just simply being confident. I take pride in my work wither it be in school or at the teller line processing transactions.

     I'm a senior in high school, I care about my future and know my education is the key to a bright one. Like any other mortal man I am not perfect. Though I am spontaneously dedicated and passionate about how I want my future to unravel  

I am very exited and anxious to attend ________ university. From my youth years I always had interest in this  university. Interest that I have are business and or psychology.  I'm a bit iffy on what profession I decide to major or minor on. I completed an internship for TD bank this summer under the "finical leaders of tomorrow" program of the Philadelphia academies. I learned a lot about how the bank do business, it influenced me into choosing a career along the lines of business oriented. 

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