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September 30, 2011
By schuy7 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
schuy7 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I walked on the pavement from my mom’s car to my house, carrying as many grocery bags as I could. My brother and I put the groceries away while my mom decided to drive the car to the back of the house to put it in the driveway. After about five minutes, my brother and I questioned why our mom was taking such a long time to return. We were a little scared, but realized that it probably was not anything too serious. Moments later, I heard my mom screech, “Help!” My brother and I immediately rushed to the door to see what has happened. We saw our mother lying on the porch, slowly losing consciousness as she was struggling to breathe. I instantly called 911 and woke up my father. While we waited for the ambulance to arrive, we tried to her calm her down as it seemed she had started to relax and slowly regain her breath. However, she started to lose her breath again and turned blue. It seemed like her life had just taken a downward spiral. My dad performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. The ambulance immediately took her to the nearest hospital and my dad, my brother, and I got into a car and rushed to the hospital as well. Once we got to the hospital, the worker at the front desk took us to a room to wait for the potential devastating news about my mother. After the most nervous 10 minutes of my life, the doctor walked in and told us that my mother is breathing and she is alright. My family and I were relieved. My dad’s actions that night further inspired me to become a contributor in the medical field. It is one of the reasons that I plan to study Sports Medicine and Nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh.

The author's comments:
True story that occurred just about a month ago.

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